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Alex French – Canada

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Robert Smith – USA

  • Owner of Shasta Mountain Sport
  • International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Certified Mountain Bike Instructor
  • 22 years experience racing and riding mountain bikes around the world
  • Former Chairman of Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association
  • Extensive trail building experience and professional training
  • Certified First-Aid responder

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Raquel Varela – Brasil

We never thought it would have been so AWESOME!

My husband and I were a little concerned that it would be a “touristy thing” – it is not a trial for beginners. It is a real mountain biker thing, like riding with your friends.

Jean and team were ready for us – by ready I mean: TREK bikes perfectly tuned, helmet, hydration bag, even some nuts!

Get ready to climb the most amazing single tracks of your life, until…. THE secret spot!

The Secret Spot…. ohhh well, I won´t say anything – it is secret, right? But, please, get your legs ready, and make sure to visit it. No description is fare enough to that place. Santiago will be at your feet!

If you want good company, single tracks, wild downhills, this is your ride!

Jean and Carlos, thank YOU!! Counting down to our next trip back to Chile.


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Matthew Mcdermontt – Australia

It was a really cool ride up around the back of the highest mountain you can see to the south of Santiago. From up the top we could see the ski fields of el colarado even though it was a bit overcast. It was about a six km road climb (that can be halved by driving up further) to get to the single track that starts with some nice undulations from ridge to ridge then gets into some more serious descents with switchbacks with plenty of techy stuff. Theres a big difference to the trails I ride in Australia so trusting Jean Claude to set the pace without me getting chucked off, we got a nice edgy speed going. Trails go from super smooth to rock gardens constantly with dips and berms through creek beds and plenty of wide loose turns. Trail was grippier than it looked which was handy, with lots of off camber around the mountain sections. Bike was great, trek fuel in good condition, and what is really cool is Jean Claude s a good rider,fully into the fun of it. We had a blast hooting all the way but still stopping to soak up the sights and atmosphere.

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Claudio Jorquera – Chile

Tuvimos una increíble aventura con los amigos de Biketur por senderos maravillosos y menos concurridos del cerro Huinganal y bike park el Durazno. Una experiencia con gente amigable y mucho amor por el ciclismo, la naturalezay el compañerismo. Sin dudas lo recomiendo como la mejor alternativa para quienes conocer el ciclismo de montaña o que ya sean asiduos a esta pasión. En Biketur cuentan con el mejor equipo, la experiencia y la buena onda para que las experiencias sean inolvidables y con la seguridad necesaria.



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Roberto Arce – Peru

Excelente tour por El Durazno Bike Park, Jean Claude piensa en todo para que el paseo sea de lo mejor = bicicleta de alta gama, hidratación, snack, polo de recambio y sobre todo la compañía y consejos de Jean Claude y Carlos. Los increibles caminos y senderos de subidas y bajadas completaron esta muy buena experiencia.

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Julien – Francia

Para los à quien le gustan moutain bike !!!
Un dia de la p m 😉

Une bonne grosse session enduro dans des conditions de ride impeccables !

Une super journée avec un peu de boue partout en rentrant mais du pur bonheur !

De una ! 🙂


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Paulo Ferreira – Brazil

Bike riding in Santiago with Jean Claude was an awesome experience. The trail was pretty much at Santiago business district. The climb was interesting passing thru some of most iconic residencies of Santiago.

The highlight of the clime definitely was the view from the lookout.  You can see a large section of Santiago with the Andes on the background. And as everything that goes up does down, the downhills and single tracks in the way back are breath taken.  There is a big mix of tracks there and lots of short downhill runs. There is also some XC areas to ride in places.

The single track design has all the elements, with awesome accelerations, a mix sharp curves and dips. If you really enjoy riding, Santiago shall be one of you must go places. It is in my top 5 places in the world.

I am looking forward to returning…

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Felipe Buhigas – España

Tenía muchas ganas de aprovechar uno de mis viajes a Santiago de Chile para hacerme una escapada con la mtb y tener una experiencia andina en bici. Ayer lo conseguí, gracias a los amigos de Bike Tur con Jean Claude Echard al frente. Gracias a ellos, no solo disfruté de una mañana inolvidable de bici, sino que además tuve la oportunidad de tener múltiples experiencias por el camino: desde disfrutar de una cerveza bien fría a mas de 1500 metros de altura proporcionada por Chema, auténtico ermitaño del siglo XXI, hasta refrescarnos en un rio, ya de bajada y como no, disfrutar de una empanada sencillamente sublime. Como digo, sencillamente perfecto. Esta hay que repetirla, por supuesto con Bike Tur y Jean Claude!


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Laurence Wattrus – United States

It was my first time in Santiago and I knew that I had to ride some of those beautiful mountains. I was unsure where to rent a good quality mountain bike and find a good crew to ride with. Jean-Claude and the Biketur crew were the perfect guys to ride with. They set me up with an amazing bike and helped me plan out a solid half-day ride. I was impressed from the start. It was far less like a tour and more like a great local ride with friends. Jean-Claude picked me up super early and we rode out into a beautiful part of the mountains above Santiago. We rode hard and the challenge was perfect. Later in the afternoon we stopped at a beautiful house up in the mountains. An artist friend of his had views over the whole city, we hung out in Hammocks and had some snacks. We descended into a valley and swam in a glacial river before heading back to the cars. The whole experience made me want to go on so many more rides above Santiago. The trails are top notch and having friends to ride with made all the difference. Jean Claude was professional, his bikes well-tuned and he knows the trails like the back of his hand.
Overall, if you are serious about mountain biking or simply want a unique day out this is the place to go.


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