I was born in the French Pyrenees where my playground as a child were the forests and hills close to my parents’ house. I learnt very young to hike, ski, ride bikes to spend entire days with my family enjoying the mountains.

I arrived in Chile in 2017 to work as a Human Resources professional and really fell in love with the Cordillera de los Andes (A 4600 km mountain range only in Chile). Since my arrival, I’ve spent most of my spare time travelling the Cordillera, climbing high mountains, volcanos and glaciers. I also started to practice an extreme MTB modality called Big Mountain Bike, it consists of going up and down high mountain summits with a bike.

With Biketur, we will show you the most beautiful and secret spots close to Santiago to have fun on your bike and spend an unforgettable time. And if you are looking for a more extreme MTB experience in the Andes you can count on me!

I speak French, Spanish, English and Portuguese fluently.