Matthew Mcdermontt – Australia

It was a really cool ride up around the back of the highest mountain you can see to the south of Santiago. From up the top we could see the ski fields of el colarado even though it was a bit overcast. It was about a six km road climb (that can be halved by driving up further) to get to the single track that starts with some nice undulations from ridge to ridge then gets into some more serious descents with switchbacks with plenty of techy stuff. Theres a big difference to the trails I ride in Australia so trusting Jean Claude to set the pace without me getting chucked off, we got a nice edgy speed going. Trails go from super smooth to rock gardens constantly with dips and berms through creek beds and plenty of wide loose turns. Trail was grippier than it looked which was handy, with lots of off camber around the mountain sections. Bike was great, trek fuel in good condition, and what is really cool is Jean Claude s a good rider,fully into the fun of it. We had a blast hooting all the way but still stopping to soak up the sights and atmosphere.

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