Paseo en Bicicletas Eléctricas E-Bikes Cajón del Maipo

E-Bikes Cajón del Maipo

Do you want to live a unique experience?

Biketur invites you to discover the incredible landscapes of the central Valley of Santiago.

With our E-Bikes and our guides you can enjoy our nature and surprise your friends, children, partner or whoever you want to give a day of sports through our mountains and corners.

El Ingenio 

A magical hamlet hidden in the center of Cajón del Maipo.

 Just 90 minutes from Santiago, at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, we will set up base camp in a wonderful, luxurious and private mountain lodge “Magic Mountain House” from where we will go pedaling on our E-Bikes rides through incredible secret trails and mountain ranges ideal for mountain sports and hiking!

What is an E bike and how does it work?

Our E Bikes are high-end electric bicycles, tailored according to your height and weight.
Equipped with a 500 watt motor and lithium battery, which will give you constant assistance as you pedal.
E Bikes don’t have an accelerator. They are the closest thing to a conventional double suspension bike but with this great advantage of assisted power.

Their suspensions have great travel. They also have a retractable seat tube that will allow you to lower and raise the saddle while pedaling and will help you adjust it according to your need and the characteristics of the terrain.
One of the things that we must pay attention to is the battery charge, so you should listen to the instructions of our guides who will give you the best tips to get the most out of your Ebikes for your handling and safety.

They have a control panel on the left side of your handlebar with 4 different levels.
The most used and that will give you maximum savings is the ECO. If you need more assistance there is also a TOUR mode, followed by a MTB mode. To finish off and face very steep climbs you can also use the TURBO mode, the latter are the ones that will use much more energy of your battery so you should only use it in necessary situations and when recommended by our guides. On the descents you can also choose to turn off your engine and leave it 100% bike, you will not have any problem.

Who do we recommend our tours to?

To men and women who have some experience in urban cycling or Mountainbike, know how to shift and use the brakes and are in optimal health conditions and want to enjoy an incredible day, we take care of the rest. Our main motivation is to give you a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Program includes

  • E- Bikes Full Suspension models:
    KONA REMOTE 160 – 2021
  • Safety equipment
  • Transport
  • Lunch
  • Bilingual local guides
  • Snacks on route
  • Tips for riding
  • Photos
  • Souvenir shirt Biketur Chile


  • USD 329 per person.

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